1.     What is included in the bills?

Have we mentioned yet that we like to keep it simple? Prices are all-inclusive and cover utilities, WiFi and weekly common area cleaning service.

 2.     Can I do a group booking?

If you're traveling as a pack, contact us for more information about booking more than one room in an apartment.

3.     Can I smoke in the apartment?

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our properties, so all BCNest apartments are smoke free, and smoke alarms are fitted in the internal areas (including bedrooms) of all apartments. Some apartments have outside areas where smoking is permitted. 

4.     Can I book for a short stay?

Tourist apartments for short stays are strictly regulated in Barcelona and we do not take bookings for short stays as we are not licenced for this activity. Most of our tenants are on contracts for 9-12 months or even longer. This allows everyone to get to know each other in the flat, rather than people coming and going all the time. 

5.     Who will I be sharing a flat with?

Generally we've got friendly students and young professionals in our apartments. Our representatives, who are based in Barcelona, will always try to match you with appropriate flatmates, taking into consideration any preferences that you indicate, age, and interests.

6.     Can guests stay with me?

Sure! We know your friends will be dying to visit and we don't want to be restrictive, however all guests must abide by the terms and conditions.  Please contact us for a copy.






7.     My partner is living with me in BCN, can they live in my room too?

Definitely - we have several rooms that are appropriate for couples or two people sharing. Contact us if you don't see any currently available on the site.

8.     How do I contact BCNest if I have an issue?

We're here for you from the start! When you book and pay your deposit we'll send you the contact details (phone and email) for your BCNest representative. You can also always contact us through the website if you have any other questions.

9.     How do I apply and reserve a room?

Contact us here.

10.  How do I pay?

If you have a Eruopean bank accounts, payments are made through GoCardless. If you do not have a European bank account, we recommend you set up with TransferWise to avoid high bank fees from your home bank. Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques or cash.

11.Do I need insurance?

If you want to insure your belongings, you will need to get your own insurance.

BCNest has public liability insurance and property insurance.  This includes insurance for BCNest-owned equipment in each apartment.  Please note that if equipment or furniture is broken through misuse, any costs will be taken out of your bond.

12.Who is responsible for cleaning my flat and room?

It's up to you to keep your own room clean. It is your responsibility to keep the flat tidy on a day to day basis including cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash. 

13. Is there air conditioning in my room?

If you can't stand the heat, some of our rooms and apartments do have air-conditioning (see apartment and room descriptions for more details).  We ask that flatmates be considerate of the environment and turn off units when not required.

14. Can I put my own pictures up in my room or my apartment?

While we make sure the apartments and rooms are looking good for your arrival, we want you to feel like this is your home while you are here. You are welcome to put up posters in your room using blu-tac or existing wall hooks only.

15. Can I bring my own kitchen equipment?

Of course, masterchef! All we ask is that flatmates are respectful of each other and their belongings.

16. Can I have my own fridge?

Each BCNest apartment is equipped with at least one large fridge. But if you overshop at the markets, you are more than welcome to bring your own fridge (please note this will have to be kept in your own room).

17. Can I have candles?

We love a bit of mood lighting, but to ensure the safety of all flatmates, candles are not allowed. All our apartments are fitted with smoke alarms to ensure the highest level of safety. 

18. Do I share a bathroom?

Sharing is caring! All BCNest apartments have at least two bathrooms, to work around everyone's schedules. As always, we ask that flatmates be considerate of each other when using shared facilities. Some rooms have their own ensuite bathrooms. 

19. Are there clothes washing facilities in the apartments?

Absolutely. All BCNest apartments are fitted with washing machines and either an electric dryer or drying rack.

20. How do I know I’ll be safe?

This city is our second home and we know it well - we have been careful to choose properties only in locations we believe are safe for foreign students and young people. However, we always encourage awareness and diligence when it comes to the risks of living in a big city like Barcelona.

21. Will it be noisy?

What, in the city that never sleeps? As in any lively city centre, noise can be noticeable at times - hopefully you'll be out there enjoying it! But if you like your quiet time, BCNest has some apartments in quieter areas, and we have several internal and courtyard-facing rooms which offer a more peaceful retreat (See apartment and room descriptions for more details).

22. Can I terminate my contract before the agreed date?

Once you sign the contract you will be bound by the BCNest terms and conditions. However, we know life can throw some curve balls, so in exceptional circumstances we will consider early contract termination. If you have any issues, please contact us.

23. What if I am not happy with my room or flatmates?

We want to be sure you love everything about your time in Barcelona. If you are not happy with your flatmates or your room, please contact us right away.

We cannot guarantee being able to transfer you (it all depends on availability) but we will try our best to be as accommodating as possible.